The Rooms


Our Penguins room (3 months – 18 months) features a black and white area, cosy corner, and a large variety of toys. The babies have a dedicated sleep room equipped with Moses Baskets for the very small babies, cots and mattresses as the children get older. The staff in Penguins work closely with parents to allow the babies to follow their own routines in respect of feeding and sleep times. We take up to 6 babies a day in Penguins room.



Our Puffins room (18 months - 2 years) is for our older babies who are learning to be more independent. They have their own space for eating, sleeping and playing, with a wide range of toys and resources dedicated to their stage of development. The staff in Puffins work closely with parents to expand their child's development. We take up to 6 babies a day in Puffins room.



The 'toddlers' (2 - 3 years) enjoy having two classrooms with a wide range of toys and resources dedicated to their stage of development. With easy access to the toilet upstairs, they are supported with potty training. We take up to 16 children a day in Seals room.


Polar Bears and Polar Bear Cubs

Downstairs at the nursery are our Polar Bears and Polar Bear Cubs. Polar Bear Cubs are our ‘rising threes’ children, who have moved on from Seals and are preparing for school. We take up to 8 children a day in Cubs and up to 20 children a day in Polar Bears.

Polar Bear Cubs follow the Polar Bears planning and routine, including short sessions of learning with our Early Years Teacher. The learning sessions cover specific areas of learning and development including Mathematics, French, Literacy and Phonics, Science/ICT and Art. These sessions are in addition to all the focused activities and learning the children do with the staff team, exploring art and design, sensory and messy activities, and ‘school readiness’ work including turn-taking, and listening and attention skills. Our older children are encouraged to use our lending library and own their own nursery book bags. 

All of the children across the nursery have access to a large range of resources in child led and adult supported play and learning.


Sensory Room

All our nursery children also have use of our sensory room. This is a space designed as a calming environment for all ages to explore sight, sound and touch. It features a bubble tube, ball pool, and soft play resources. 

The Garden

At the nursery we are very fortunate to have a spacious secure outdoor area. All of our children have the opportunity to play and learn outside everyday, no matter the weather!

Positive Behaviour

Our setting believes that children flourish best when their personal, social and emotional needs are met and where there are clear and developmentally appropriate expectations for their behaviour. We aim to teach children to behave in socially acceptable ways and to understand the needs and rights of others.

Nursery is a very new world to many children and there are many changes in the early years for them to understand. Staff show sensitivity to the individual needs of every child, their cultural and family backgrounds, and their developmental stage of learning. We encourage positive behaviour throughout the nursery and staff aim to act as positive role models to all children in their care. Staff are trained to support and manage a wide range of behaviours and both the designated co-coordinator and deputy have wide experience in this area. We encourage strong parental involvement and all staff work with and alongside parents/carers. Demonstrating clear boundaries according to the level of understanding allows children to learn the routines quickly and begin to understand what is expected of them.

Children gain respect through interaction with caring adults who show them respect and value their individual personalities. Positive, caring and polite behaviour is encouraged and praised at all times in an environment where children learn to respect themselves, other people and their surroundings. Designated staff work with other nursery staff and parents/carers regarding any concerns/problems that may occur, and keep secure records of all discussions and referrals. We maintain close contact with the Early Years Development Team in Croydon and staff attend regular up-to-date training in this area.



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